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The mining industry can save lives, protect the environment, and foster resilient communities by adopting new technologies.

The world needs mines. In fact, it will soon need a lot more mines; our transition to net-zero depends on them.

The BBC recently calculated that changing the 31.5m combustion-engined cars in the UK to electric would require twice the current global annual production of cobalt and three-quarters of the world production of lithium, alone.

The tech hardware needed to decouple our fossil-fuel dependency, in the near term, will create demand for far greater mining activity that frequently comes along with toxic and dangerous Tailings Dams.

Tailings dams are among the biggest engineered structures on earth and contain waste material…

Unicorn Meat- Coming soon, to a wet market near you!

“Question every assumption about your business” was the message to CEO’s and Founders from leading Silicon Valley VC, Sequoia Capital in their March memo, “Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020”.

Referencing Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory, Sequoia asserted that company survival would boil down to “fast and decisive adjustments to changing circumstances.”

Last month marked the fiftieth anniversary of the maiden moon landing, and the social media algo’s weren’t going to let us forget it.

“Meme me up, Scottie.”

A truly incredible feat of human ingenuity, the moon landing proved to the world’s 3.6 billion inhabitants that the sky was not the limit and that progress was coming, and coming fast.

And so it has.

What started with Apollo 11’s landmark lunar mission, quickly blossomed into an era of explosive productivity (and reproductivity- 4 bn extra people) for humankind.

Medical advances wiped out deadly diseases, wireless technologies connected us globally and allowed products, services, and tasks…

Daniel Ricciardo ‘s win at Chinese Grand Prix could not be overshadowed by the USAF Fly-by or the appearance of a wild Honey Badger

Imagine if your business could outmanoeuvre the competition with the same instinctive predatory agility as displayed by Daniel Riccardo in his breath-taking drive to win the Chinese Grand Prix this year.

If you missed it, then take a quick look at the highlights because it was a masterclass in precision driving by the Australian and probably the most exciting F1 race in recent memory.

The beauty of sport (much like Mr Gump’s proverbial “box-o chocolates”) is that you never know what you are going to get.

As I perched on the plastic seat in stand H at the Shanghai International…

Flames erupt from the engine of Stefan Johansson’s Ferrari during the 1985 Monaco grand prix. Photograph: Rainer Schlegelmilch

The covers are off the cars, the preseason tests complete, and this weekend the 2018 Formula 1 season begins in Melbourne Australia. As a lifetime fan of the sport, the thought alone is revving my engine, but I can forgive you if perhaps your initial reaction is a bit more, well… “meh.”

But it shouldn’t be.

A championship winning F1 team is the sporting pinnacle of teamwork, collaboration and technological innovation. If you are serious about business, then hear me out, and I’ll share a few of the reasons why I’m addicted to getting under the bonnet of the way…

Hurricane Harvey as seen from the International Space Station

Storms of unprecedented power have lashed the United States and the Caribbean over the past few weeks, leaving a trail of devastation estimated in the tens of billions of dollars.

The US alone has experienced 212 natural disasters since 1980 with the overall costs totalling $1.2tn, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

As a venture investor interested in FinTech, I get sight of quite a lot of innovative InsurTech Start-up’s hoping to be the next big thing in insurance. Barely any of these businesses are focused on improving claims management. Why is that?

Perhaps Claims are considered…

The Greatest — Muhammad Ali

Disclaimer — Contains boxing puns (and punchy tips for startup founders)

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet some extremely talented, passionate and innovative start-up founders who were ready to do battle at the Get In The Ring!Global Conference 2017, here in Singapore.

National winners of their country heats, in all over 150 startups from more than 100 countries converged for three days of knowledge sharing, networking and to fight for the coveted title of GITR global champions.

The Get in the Ring Foundation is a global non-profit organization that connects startups to opportunities related to capital, talent, and…

Ferris Bueller- left frustrated by the economics of Moore’s Law.

It’s one of the universal truths in life — turning 50 is a milestone that brings with it both reflection on the past and a look to the future. A time to recognise how far you’ve come and what the future has in store. It’s no less true whether it’s a person, an organisation, a Country (like Singapore), or even a principle of technology such as Moore’s Law.

If you’re not familiar with Moore’s Law, it was given its name from Gordon E Moore’s article Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits published in the April 1965 issue of Electronics Magazine

When your ‘Sentient Assistant’ is having a #badfaceday (image: Ex Machina film)

Suddenly, AI seems to be everywhere. “Smart” algorithms work on stock exchanges; suggest what films to watch on Netflix, what goods to buy on Amazon and are already learning to drive us around in autonomous electric cars. But AI is has a major public image problem.

For many, the term Artificial Intelligence conjures images of Terminators and Replicants, in a dystopian future, mostly kicking our meaty asses.

For example, this is what AI looked like in the movie I saw recently-

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